[Zope-DB] Increasing the number of threads

Andrew Veitch andrew@logicalprogression.net
Thu, 03 Apr 2003 14:40:56 +0100

I'm testing an application that is likely to have a fairly large number of
users simultaneously accessing Postgres. I'm using Psycopg. Some of the
reporting queries may well take several seconds to complete so I may well
run out of connections especially if the default is 7.

I've increased the number of connections that the Postgres backend can
handle just be editing the config file. But I'm unclear on how to increase
the number of threads at Zope's end.

>From reading up, I see that NUMBER_OF_THREADS argument doesn't do it and the
advice was to "hack Zope". Can anyone give me a pointer to what exactly I
would need to hack?

Thanks in advance