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Eron Lloyd elloyd@lancaster.lib.pa.us
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:43:19 -0500

Ah ha! Thanks to your sharp eyes, I spotted the problem. I can now get MySQLdb 
to build and install. Also, ZMySQLDB seems to work with Zope 2.6.1...does 
anyone know if these two products are being maintained anymore? Perhaps I 
should look into helping to move this along and sustain it. Hasn't seen any 
updates in over a year...

Thanks again for the help!


On Thursday April 3 2003 2:27 pm, Martin Gebert wrote:
> Eron Lloyd schrieb:
> > Thanks for the reply. I am using the mysql.com binaries for 4.0.12, and I
> > have verified that the header files are present in mysql/include, which
> > is included in setup.py in the list of paths searched through. There
> > doesn't seem to be a configure script because distutils is used for
> > building & installation. Guess I'll have to dive deeper and see what I
> > find. mysql-python hasn't been updated in almost 9 months...perhaps I
> > should investigate in an alternative adapter/database to connect Zope
> > with.
> OK, there is no configure script, allright. Didn't have that in mind, it is
> a while ago when I installed mysql-python... I guess it wouldn't be easy to
> find another MySQL-DA for Zope which is as good as ZMySQLDA.
> But (from your initial posting):
> -I/usr/include/mysql -I/usr/local/include/mysql
> -I/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql
> None of this paths points to /usr/local/mysql/include ! I'd recommend to
> check your settings in setup.py again.
> Martin
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