[Zope-DB] Getting transaction ID of get_transaction().commit()?

Andreas Jung andreas at andreas-jung.com
Mon Aug 4 12:48:53 EDT 2003

Is there a way to retrieve the transaction ID  from a transaction that is 
using get_transaction().commit(). My usecase for this is the following:
an application provides an undo functionality and shows a list of actions
performed by the user. the user must be able to undo the last action. so in 
scenario the transcations should be presented like a stack. new 
actions/transaction will
be put on the stack and undone action are removed from the stack.

However inside the ZODB an undone transaction is also a new transaction and 
so it is
hard to keep track of transactions necessary to be presented to the user, 
transactions and other transactions.

Any ideas how to handle this?


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