[Zope-DB] ZSQL method versus archetypes

Michele Bendazzoli mickymouse at mickymouse.it
Mon Aug 18 16:20:38 EDT 2003

I'm going to develop a web application to manage a potentially very
large db using zope + postgresql.

While the features of zope+postgresql+ZSQL seems to me sufficient I'm
looking to the plone+archetypes combination to have a unique and
coherent interface to my system.

In fact Plone give me a nice platform to give dynamic content to the
user and archetypes seem to resolve the problem of integrate in Plone a
new type of content tailored for my needs and stored in a relational

I wonder if it is the way to go or if the fact that archetypes stores
the row's object in zopedb prevent me from use this cool tool for
performance reason: however i wonder if for that type of problems (large
db) is preferable the use of the ZSQL Method instead of archetypes.

What do you think of? Is better to use ZSQL method directly ora let
archetypes do the integration with plone for me?


ciao, Michele

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