[Zope-DB] ZSQL method versus archetypes

Andrew Veitch andrew at logicalprogression.net
Mon Aug 18 18:03:28 EDT 2003

> I wonder if it is the way to go or if the fact that archetypes stores
> the row's object in zopedb prevent me from use this cool tool for
> performance reason: however i wonder if for that type of problems (large
> db) is preferable the use of the ZSQL Method instead of archetypes.

We developed a product (MailManager) using PostgreSQL and then shifted it to
using the ZODB, largely because we wanted it to be much easier to install.

In some areas the performance with the ZODB was better than Postgres, text
indexing was far superior with ZODB. On the other hand, some of the
reporting was easier and faster in Postgres.

Overall, switching to ZODB removed around 30% of the code in the product
which I guess will make it more maintainable.

Without more details of your application it's hard to give you more advice
but after years of being a relational database fan I've been converted to

I don't know archetypes that well but I don't think it would be practical to
use it with a ZSQL method.


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