[Zope-DB] result

Charlie Clark charlie@begeistert.org
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:39:32 +0100

On 2003-03-17 at 06:04:08 [+0100], Samir Mishra wrote:
> Perhaps off-topic, but I have similar considerations as Rick...
> I believe OpenOffice can read in the CSV files, much like Excel. Is there 
> any way to get the information out of OpenOffice into Zope? I'm thinking 
> along the lines of how, on Win32 systems, one can set up a ODBC 
> connection to Excel files. Since OpenOffice stores all content in XML 
> files, perhaps there's a better way?

You can use the Python COM bindings to do stuff with Excel and Word and 
thus presumably with OpenOffice. I don't think this is the best solution to 
the problem though.