[Zope-DB] Insert DATE filed in Firebird with sqlvar

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Nov 20 15:24:15 EST 2003

On Nov 20, 2003, at 2:17 PM, Valmir Pimenta wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'am a novice with Zope and to be honest, not very confortble with
> programming too, since i quit doing programs for living a long time 
> ago,
> and things change a lot in this area with time...
> I've browsed this list and found this subject came by so many times 
> that
> i'am amazed it is not covered in zope book yet. Anyway since i could 
> not
> find the answer in a idiot proof maner anywhere, here it goes...
> Currently i'am trying to make a simple insert form in a SQL Table and i
> can´t figure how to insert a DATE field from a form into the Database.
> I´ve seen in the list that i should use the string type, but it seens
> that there is some kind of type casting problem between the Database 
> and
> the DA.
> I currently use Firebird 1.0.3 with the gvibDA 0.9.6 and when i use 
> this
> ...
>     insert into MEDIAITM
>       values(
>         <dtml-sqlvar cd_media    type="int">,
>         <dtml-sqlvar dt_purchase type="string">
>       )
> I get this nasty message...
> Error, Products.gvibDA.gvib.gvibExceptions.DataError: - conversion 
> error
> from string ""
> And this is the generated SQL...
>      insert into MEDIAITM
>        values(
>      100,
>      '20/11/2003'
>      )
> If someone could please put some light in my path...

You can use an expression in a dtml-sqlvar, so you could potentially do 
something like <dtml-sqlvar "dt_purchase.strftime('%d/%m/%Y')" 
type=string>, thus making it explicit how you wanted to format your 
string.  (I'm sure that formatting isn't what you want -- you'll have 
to look at the way Firebird wants dates formatted, and there's a 
reference for the format string for strftime in the Python time module 

You can also use <dtml-var> in a SQL method too, if you want to format 
something in a way that dtml-sqlvar doesn't allow.

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