[Zope-DB] Trouble with result objects traversal

John Coleman jcoleman at sbc.edu
Fri Nov 21 11:28:21 EST 2003

Howdy gang...I think I might have gone crazy (seems to happen a lot with 
ZOPE, being the mindbender that it is!), but I can't get this result 
object traversal thing down.  I'm using Zope 2.7 (perhaps that's the 
problem?) and python 2.2.3 on RedHat.

I have a zsql method named "course" that works fine on it's own, when 
called from the test tab.  However, when I try to access it directly 
from a url, such as


I get the old "Cannot locate object at: 
http://server:8080/registrar/schedule/course/10002" error.  And of 
course any python scripts will not run on the result objects.

When I put the ZSQL parameter in the url like


I get a KeyError: _r.  WTF?!?

Obviously this result won't render, but at the very least I should get 
an error.  Can someone offer assistance?  Also, if this should be on the 
general ZOPE list, I'll be happy to take my question there.



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