[Zope-DB] 2 sql methods issue (was Re: SQL Relay)

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Nov 26 15:36:38 EST 2003

Jim Abramson wrote at 2003-11-25 16:20 -0500:
 > ...
 > I've tried splitting the zope-based services we run onto two separate zope instances, on the 
 > same server, and unfortunately even in this case zope2 will not serve any requests while zope1 
 > is using more than 1 database connection actively (note - i have found that any action involving 
 > a zope db connection, not just a sql method, will cause this hogging situation).

Thus, you need to find out, what your Zope2 instance is waiting for.

I would use a ("C" level) debugger for this.

Almost surely, this would reveal that your Zope2 is waiting for
a response from your database.

In order to analyse similar problems in our Zope instance,
I added logging calls to the database adapters we use
("ZPsycopgDA" and "MySQLDA"). They log when (and what) commands
are sent to the database and when results are received.


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