R: R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

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Thu Apr 1 16:33:20 EST 2004

There are many people who for whatever reason cannot use non-free
applications. It is rather annoying for people who have existing deployments
that rely on ZODBCDA to have that functionality dropped from an otherwise
working solution. They would then be in the position of having to continue
using an outdated version, factor in additional license fees that did not
previously exist, or convert to some other platform. 

Having the platform you develop on suddenly drop major features is
disappointing. That kind of thing is what drove many of us away from closed
platforms. Obviously there are quite a few people who need this
functionality, based on the volume of messages we have seen lately.

I wish ZC had the wisdom to buy out Marc's work and release it under a free
license. They seem to have little interest, unfortunately. I certainly can't
pay for the work myself and there's no good community-based payment scheme
that works well.
This deficiency doesn't affect enough people to be a concern for ZC. What a
sorry situation.

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Zanotti Michele wrote:
> I'm not criticizing M.A. Lemburg, I believe he is a Python guru and he is
> my Mount Olympus. I simply think that a simple no-charge entry-level odbc
> adapter can help the Zope diffusion in Window world: is it a so strange
> opinion? 

Cool, sounds like you're volunteering to pay for the development ;-)
I'll happilly get ZODBCDA working if you pay for my consulting time to make
work, after that, everyone else can use it for free, I have no problem open 
sourcing work that I have done, but I have no need for ZODBCDA myself, so I 
won't fix it unless I'm paid to...

what'd you say?


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