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Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Tue May 4 15:15:36 EDT 2004

Create your folder in the contents tab in plone and 'publish' it. Then
everything that you insert from the ZMI should be accessible. But, you
may not see the content of all the files in the plone side in the
contents tab but you will in the ZMI.
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	Hey Laura
	Thanks for your reply!
	I guess where I am going wrong is trying to add this as a
Document in Zope.
	I noticed this comment in your previous e-mail 
	All of these files I placed in a plone folder through the ZMI.
And since I made the first table 'index_html' this will be the first
page that will display when I click on this folder in the navigational
menu in plone.
	I have done the same thing.... But my files/folder do not show
up in the navigation folder. 
	Am I starting out on entirely the wrong foot?
	Thanks Shane - Still working on it.
	Shane McCombs
	Innovation Developer
	Raymond Building Supply Corp.
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	Just figured out how to get dtml methods to look like plone.
	In a page template you can call your dtml method like this:
	<div tal:content="structure here/your_dtml_method_here"></div>
	and as long as you have this at the top of your page template
you will get what you need:
	<html metal:use-macro="here/main_template/macros/master"
	<div metal:fill-slot="main">
	Let me know if you get it working,
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		Hi All
		My name is Shane. I am Completely New to Zope and Plone
		I have my Plone Site Up and minor Customization
complete, at this point I am wanting to Create a Plone Document that 
		Returns the result of a SQL Query. I Simply can't figure
out how to make this work, I feel like I must be missing the Obvious.
		I have a working Z SQL Method that returns as simple
Query. >From the ZMI the Test tab looks exactly as I would Expect, but
how to translate into PLONE?
		I have 2 full days invested of trying to figure this
out. I have found many How-to s but just cant get them to work for me.
		The Z Sql Method is located at
		The Page Template is at /Plone/testodbc/allpcs
		I have been programming in various lang/scripts for 8
years... it is frustrating being a Newbie again... Any Help / Direction
or Ideas would be wonderful.
		Thank you in advance - Shane
		Shane McCombs
		Innovation Developer
		Raymond Building Supply Corp.
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