[Zope-DB] Re: ZSql Method problem

Andreas Kaiser kaiser at xo7.de
Wed Sep 8 12:30:39 EDT 2004

ibrahim at euronia.it wrote:

> BTW: I treid to change the fields in the "Advanced" page ( Maximum rows to
> retrieve,  Maximum results to cache,  Maximum time (sec) to cache) without
> any result.

just a guess: as far as i remember, there is a similar option as 
"maximum rows to retrieve" in the sqlrelay configuration. nevertheless i 
recommend double checking this.

>>  I'm trying to use a ZSql method, in a python script, to get data from a
>>  database and I'm having a problem since I'm getting only the first 100
>>  rows of the my select statement (the result shall be more that 12000
>>  rows). I noticed that this happens with more than one database
>>  connection (MySql, Mssql via sqlrely/freetds). Do you have any idea?

apart from your problem: do you really need 12000 records in your zope 
application? i´d prefer to do as much work on the database server as 


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