[Zope-DB] Connection to Oracle DB

Cliff Ford Cliff.Ford at ed.ac.uk
Wed Apr 6 02:20:51 EDT 2005

Umashankar Rao wrote:
> But how to define my database connection parameters like
> username/passwd and SID?

You need an entry in tnsnames.ora that looks like this:

       (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = address.of.your.server)(PORT = 
       (SID = yourid)

XXXX is the actual port number the database is using.

> Can you please give me the navigation from 
> http://localhost:8080/manage ??? Is it the right adaptor i
> downloaded?/

You should see Z Oracle Database Connection in the Add list (if the 
installation was successful). If so...

Your connection string should look like this:

username/password at YOURID



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