[Zope-DB] Basic Zope-DB question

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Thu Jul 21 09:33:11 EDT 2005

--On 21. Juli 2005 15:17:49 +0200 Nicholas Wieland 
<nicholas_wieland at yahoo.it> wrote:

> Hi *,
>  I'm developing a FS based product with Zope, and I need to fetch some
> data from a DB (SQLServer). I've installed the DA, got a connection, now
> I need to query the db from within my product. I've searched the web for
> documentation, but didn't find the information I'm searching. From what I
> understand I have to acquire the connection from Zope, but I don't know
> how.

You should read the RDBMS chapter of The Zope Book. It explains everything
carefully, doesn't it?


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