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If you rename your python script, and then add a new one with the changed content,
Does this help?

I remember we had once a problem with Zope 2.6, but it is long time since them - now using Zope 2.7/2.8
And we are using Filesystem Directory View and keep our scripts in the filesystem (CVS likes that)
So the rules for updating may be different there

Note that "has no effect" could also be caused on the client side as the browsers (user agens) usually do caching too,
So you may get the same result again in spite of having changed scripts on the server side.


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Hi All,
Hi Dieter,

Thank u for ur reply.

I restarted zope somany times but there is no affect.

I add python script to my project and make some changes
But those changes are not working.
Even if Comment some of those functions,they are working.
 I cleared cache using zope control panel.

Tell me is there any thing else to make it work my project
Its very urgent

Thanks and Regards

> techmail at wrote at 2006-7-5 18:56 +0530:
>>i am developing a project using Zope 2.7.6-final, python 2.3.5 on debian
>>Wheneever i make changes in python script or any thing regarding project.
>>it is not get effected.
> Are you sure, your Zope is running in "debug mode"?
> Otherwise, a restart is necessary that Zope sees a change.
> --
> Dieter

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