[Zope-dev] Zope and PythonCAD being good neighbors

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Sep 29 14:21:24 EDT 2004

Art Haas wrote at 2004-9-28 11:21 -0500:
> ...
>I'm preparing to make the next release of PythonCAD - the first one with
>initial printing support! - and I want to fix the program so that Zope
>and PythonCAD play well together. As I see it, one fix is to not install
>the 'PythonCAD.pth' file during PythonCAD's installation and adjust
>the various 'import' statements in the code.

I would drop "*.pth" files.
Since Python supports packages, they are no longer necessary.
Packages are much cleaner than "*.pth" files...


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