[Zope-PAS] Re: User ID mangling question

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Mon Oct 11 10:07:59 EDT 2004

> I'm currently working on a branch that should be dealing away with id 
> mangling. It's conceivable that it will cause pain for existing PASes 
> in the wild, at least until some sort of migration is done to unify 
> ids within plugins (since they will want to all map between some 
> common id and whatever they deal with). For example:
>  'users', a ZODBUserManager, has:
>    .userid_to_login => { 'zbir' : 'zbir at urbanape.com' }
>  'roles', a ZODBRoleManager, has:
>    .principal_roles => { 'users__zbir' : ['Manager', 'Super Guy'] }
> In a mangle-less PAS, we'll need some way for them to understand that 
> that's the same user now, since PAS won't be doing the busywork around 
> them.

Maybe there is some "internal-internal" monikers that only exist in 
PAS-to-Plugin conversations and are never exposed anywhere else? Or a 
new attribute on the PAS user object in those cases where whole user 
objects are thrown about?

> There are several ways to go about a migration. The easiest case will 
> be a ZODB-based user manager, where the ids can all be updated to be 
> the (currently) PAS-mangled id. Then everything else that is keyed off 
> that mangled id will continue to work.
> User stores that are not manageable through PAS or are read-only 
> (perhaps some SQL or LDAP based solution) will require updating the 
> keys that other plugins rely on to extract their own values.

AFAIK non are released yet, so none need to be migrated. :)


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