[ZWeb] Execution vs. Theory

Casey Duncan c.duncan@nlada.org
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 14:00:20 -0500

Here is one large imbalance I see in the community that I think we should 
think about (and I think the same can be said for many open source projects). 
That is that there are few of us non-ZC'ers who are contributing actively to 
the growth of Zope in terms of direction, and by this I mean looking at 
theories of content managment (if there is such a thing) and seeing how it 
applies to our little world over here.

Now the people who some to mind on this immediately are Jim and Tres 
(although there are surely others at ZC, leaving off the amazing Python labs 
folks). Not that we (us non-ZC'ers) are a bunch of professors or anything, 
but I think we need to be actively exploring standards, theories etc, and not 
just waiting until Zope doesn't do what we want, and then reacting to it.

In that end I think it would be cool to have a little corner of zope.org  
devoted to research materials, standards, whitepapers, books, etc from all 
over (outside an in) so that we can educate ourselves more easily. Maybe then 
we'll all have a better shot at understanding Jim et al 8^), and maybe more 
people could comment on proposals and such.

Plus proposals could reference materials so that those of us not privy to the 
method behind the madness could bone up a bit.

Also I think there needs to be a place for ideas to be presented before they 
are "Proposals". I've tried to do this on zope-dev, but it never amounts to 
anything. At least they would be less transitory on the web.

  Casey Duncan, Sr. Web Developer
  National Legal Aid and Defender Association