[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: Zope documentation

hazmat hazmat@objectrealms.net
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:09:29 -0700

On Friday 13 September 2002 02:35 am, Hubert Muller (via www.zope.org) wrote:
> Hello,
> Why variables defined in <dtml-let></dtml-let> are not visible under ZSQL
> method invoked from <dtml-let> scope
> Example:
> <dtml-let a=b>
> <dtml-call insertSQL>
> </dtml-let>
> Why a is not visible in insertSQL ZSQL-method ?

zsql methods pick up variables either from the request *or* from keyword 
arguments passed into them.

so either
<dtml-call expr="REQUEST.set('a', b)">
<dtml-call insertSQL>
<dtml-call expr="insertSQL(a=b)">

should work.

> I've tested Zope http server with typical dtmlmethod document and 50request
> threads per 1second. And Zope is about 6 times slower than ASP/IIS and 8
> times slower than PHP/Apache on this same machine. Where is speed problem ?
> in Python ?

zope will not likely be faster than these platforms. its doing alot more work 
in an interpreted language under the covers than either of these, it also imo 
provides more. 

if you interested in speeding up your zope server, looking at things like 
front ending your server with squid (www.squid-cache.org), adding ram cache 
managers, increasing the size of your zodb object cache, etc.  

> Im interested in commercial use of Zope.
> Why Zope has so weak documentation?

what specifically did you find lacking, i think the zope documentation has 
improved quite a bit, over when i first started using it, and i find it to be 
fairly good for the zope core distribution. if something is undocumented or 
lacking in the documentation then a description of what would be nice. 
general comments like the docs sux, isn't very helpful or constructive.

also, in general, these types of questions are better sent to one of the zope 
mailing lists (zope@zope.org), information on available lists and subscribing 
is at http://lists.zope.org