[Zope] Frustrated with Python and Frameworks. Zope, Grok, Django, CherryPy

Chetan Kumar chetan.mlist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 22:14:19 EST 2007

On 11/27/07, Rene B <rb2.net at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm beginning to think there's nothing  out there  for a newbie python
> programmer like myself.  I'm a Network Admin  that likes programming but
> doesn't have the time to get really proficient at it.

This may be closer to the truth unfortunately. As greater benefits
from tools come as you get more proficient in using them with time.

> I'm interested in building dynamic web sites but I tell you  it's impossible to
> select a tool.
> I've researched all the tools mentioned above.  The most important thing in my
> decision is that I know some Python and want to use it to build the dynamic
> site. I don't want to learn a new language to do that. ZPT is a new language.
> Its not python.  Not even close.  Out of all the ones I've researched I like
> Zope 2 the best.  Not sure why. I want some thing easy.  I like DTML. It's

Stick to Zope 2 with DTML if that serves your purpose. It will serve you well.
I think your problem is solved !!!

> easy. I know why ZPT has it's advantages but for ease of use it doesn't come
> close to DTML. Most people like me wont  be building complex web sites and  I'd
> be the only working on it meaning I'll do the HTML layout and code the dynamic

See above. There is no real need for you to go to the latest stuff.
You may go there naturally when it will be best.

> portions of it. So I don't' need to worry about  an HTML editor getting
> confused with the dynamic languages  mixed in blah blah  blah.

This is quite true that ZPT helps in such situations. It was designed
with this objective.

"Nobody seems to be adding to zope 2" because the gurus have learnt
some lessons from Zope2 and are hence developing something new from
scratch (Zope 3).

The principle remains: Find the best tool for your needs.


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