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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Thu Jan 3 07:22:08 EST 2008

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Garito wrote:
> Hi!
> I plan to create a product I call Zope Smart Manager that consist in a view
> similar to freemind for Zope
> You could see a picture of my prototype here:
> http://blogs.sistes.net/Garito/images/ArbolYanged.png

While I can see visual differences, how does this tree behave
differently than the one which the ZMI shows?

> The idea is create a series of monkey patches to all the products we are
> interested to see as tree nodes and a series of javascript (prototype +
> scriptaculous) for the "client side"
> I plan this ZSM view will be my main work view with edition and creation
> For that I need some help about how to create the simplest monkey patch and
> the javascript objects

I don't know why you think you need to moneky-patch anything:  you
should be able to create such a view using the standard API supplied by
pretty much every existing Zope object.  The ZMI tree code is here:


> I have no experience with monkey patching zope nor javascript object but
> I'll learn all the necessary skills if no one wants to help
> Can you help me at any point?

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