[Zope] oddity in MailHost queue processor thread

Maric Michaud maric at aristote.info
Fri Apr 30 09:10:16 EDT 2010

Tres Seaver a écrit :

 >> I was surprised by the behavior of asynchronous mailing in zope 2.11.3
 >> MailHost product. It creates a thread by instance of MailHost by the
 >> mean of using self.absolute_url(1) as key for the queue_threads 
 >> It seems obviously wrong, IMO, if several instances share the same 
 >>   directory, mesages actually get sent more than once.
 >> Following is the monkey patch which works fine for me, but the idea is
 >> straightforward, it's to use the realpath of the 
smtp_queue_directory as
 >> the identifier of the thread, ensuring that MailHosts that share the
 >> same queue directory will also share the same thread for processing 
 > It looks like a bug to me:  could you please report it to the tracker at:
 >   http://bugs.launchpad.net/zope2
 > Also, if you could convert your monkeypatch into a real diff against the
 > source, that would help expedite.  The basic procedure is outlined at:
 >   http://docs.zope.org/developer/noncommitter-svn.html

Ok, I'll do that, soon.


Maric Michaud

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