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On 06/23/2011 12:48 AM, Eric d'Halibut wrote:
> I am a straggler returning to Zope after years away from it. I come
> from a time when to install a product into one's Zope one simply
> untarred it into one's Products folder and restarted. Now I am looking
> at easy_install, buildout, and the new mania for "eggs." Imagine my
> discomfiture.
> But never mind all that. I now have a running instance of Zope 2.12.10
> installed in NetBSD 5.1. I want to install CMF into it, which used to
> be one's first product chore (almost) since plone depended on it and I
> was heading for a plone install, (and later on ran Silva for a couple
> of years.) But I am here tonight to say, I am stumped.
> How do get CMFCore into my zope instance "the right way?" Can someone
> lay out the steps for me?
> My python is: /usr/pkg/bin/python2.6
> My Zope is at: /usr/local/src/Zope2-2.12.10
> My instance is at: /usr/local/Zopeish

Unpack the CMFCore sdist tarball, e.g.:

 $ cd /tmp
 $ wget \

 $ cd /usr/local
 $ sudo tar xzf /tmp/Products.CMFCore-2.2.4.tar.gz

and then add the unpacked directory to the 'products' section of your
instance's 'zope.conf', e.g.:

 $ grep "^products" /usr/local/Zopeish/etc/zope.conf
 products /usr/local/Products.CMFCore-2.2.4/

You can repeat the 'products' bit to add other products.

> I have banged around with easy_install, which writes things into my
> NetBSD /usr/pkg hierarchy, of which I very much disapprove.

I recommend using 'virtualenv', which gives you a "sandboxed"
environment for installing "non-system" packages.

> Buildout
> seems always to want to build the original gazillion (not
> complaining!) Zope packages every time I ry to use it.
> So...glad to be back. Need help. Will write if I get work. Wish you were here.
> nb. The running Zope instance is "live" on the net, so if one needs to
> examine my ZMI I can provide URL and login. Just ask, please.

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