[Zope] CMF -?-> Zope

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Thu Jun 23 13:31:57 EDT 2011

On 23.06.2011 16:14, Eric d'Halibut wrote:
> On 6/23/11, robert rottermann<robert at redcor.ch>  wrote:
>> as root (or using virtualenv)
>> easy_install-2.6 -U ZopeSkel
>> then as user zope (or what ever)
>> paster create -t plone4_buildout NAMEOFNEWBUILDOUT
> This last command gives me a sternly-worded, and appearing, warning:
> **   *** NOTE: You probably don't want to use this template!
the alternative would be to use an Installer.
which I never do and (maybe therefore) see not advantage in using over plain 


> **  Since Plone 3.1, the preferred way to get a buildout-based setup
> **  for Plone is to use the standard installer for your operating
> **  system (the Windows installer, the Mac installer, or the Unified
> **  Installer for Linux/Unix/BSD).
> How big a deal is this, especially in view of me running said command
> under the /home/ hierarchy where it's not going to -- I hope -- do
> much systemic damage?
> And what if someone wants simply to install Zope and the CMF, and not
> yet make the leap to Plone?
> It seems the "message" I am getting is 'all roads lead to Plone!'
> Thanks,

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