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Tue Mar 10 19:03:10 CET 2015

Again, I'm not sure if it is worth the thing but when I talk about 
marketing I don't mean just having a website. Everyone has one these 
days. Why should anyone visit especially the Zope website?
I mean going to the people and talk to them, blog, tweet, whatever ...
In the medieval times they knew better. The king went to the market to 
promote important things and not in his castle ...
The success story of Zope did not start because it was a good product 
but it was mentioned in New York Times and people demanded it.
Sales seems to be a taboo word in most OpenSource communities but I 
think it is essential to keep software alive.


On 09.03.15 07:11, Andreas Jung wrote:
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> Tom Gross wrote:
>> Hello
>> When it comes to Zope people seem to have 2 opinions. (Maybe that's
>> the 2 in the name ;-) ). A lot of people seem to use it (with or
>> even without Plone) and loving it and a lot of people call it dead
>> because there is (almost) no new development. At least on the Zope
>> package itself. I myself like to work with Zope too but I know web
>> development changed in the last couple of years and there are other
>> options around. I don't know if it is worth the thing but to have a
>> future Zope needs
> Oh, we great a not that bad Zope 2 site once in the past. Outcome? Zero.
> Oh, we created a not so bad docs.zope.org site. Outcome? Zero.
>> - Usability improvements (frameless, responsive ZMI)
> Waste of time...
>> - Technical improvements (Port to Python3, WSGI, ...)
> Reasonable but too hard to achieve and it longer it takes the more
> pointless Zope will become.
>> The technical improvements could be organized/financed with a
>> pledgie the others are possibly harder to solve.
> Beat me for my realistic sarcasm but Zope is a zombie.
> Andreas
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