[Zope3-Users] mysqldbda database adapter

Rob rob at objectsource.org
Sat Mar 19 18:59:52 EST 2005

I installed the addon package in X3.0 final (both from the default Download
pages on Zope.org)using

./configure --prefix <path to zope home>
make install

Then I copied the mysqldbda-configure.zcml from the untarred package
directory to my instance's etc/package-include directory.

You need to have the mysql-python package installed in the python version
you are using for zope.

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> Does the MySQL database adapter for ZopeX3 actually work?   The
> installation instructions don't seem to correspond to the current
> state of ZopeX3, and the unit test fails when I run it (although that
> looks like it might be a path problem).  Any hints would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Matt Wilbert
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