[Grok-dev] Installing 0.14.1 on Windows XP

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Tue Jan 13 04:17:21 EST 2009

on 6-1-2009 13:03 Jeroen Michiel wrote:
> I'm trying to get Grok 0.14.1 running on Windows XP, but ran into quite some
> trouble...
> I wanted to use a virtual environment, as I'm using python for other things
> as well.
> So I did the virtualenv thing with --no-site-packages to be completely
> independent of my normal python install (would this indeed be the case?)
> Everything went smoothly until I tried to create a grokproject:
> First problem I ran into, was that it seems precompiling the py files has
> problems with spaces in directory names: when I did 'grokproject myproject',
> it started throwing errors by the dozen at me in py_compile.py that it
> couldn't find the file specified, referring to 'c:\\documents'. I suspect
> that it was trying to precompile the .py files in the buildout eggs, which,
> by default seem to end up somewhere in 'c:\\Documents and
> Settings\\USER\\SOMETHING'. 
> So I retried with the option --eggs-dir set to a non-spaced dir (in my
> virtual environment dir, for the record, so everything's at 1 place. Perhaps
> not a good idea?). This seemed to work.

My approach to this issue was to change the file default.cfg that 
grokproject created in C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\.buildout
I made the line containing eggs-directory refer to C:\eggs.
Then I moved the directory "eggs" in .buildout to C:\

Now when you have multiple virtual environments in which you run the 
grokproject command, you don't need to download all the eggs over and 
over again.
It also saves you from adding the --eggs-dir option to your 
'grokproject' everytime, I just wouldn't use a separate eggs-directory 
in every separate virtual environment.



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