[Grok-dev] Maintenance of Community Documentation

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Jun 9 06:08:01 EDT 2009

9 jun 2009 kl. 10.34 skrev Uli Fouquet:

> Hi there,
> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> I have had some discussions with Tim Cook and Steve Schmechel and we
>> have agreed that we would like to put some effort into organising the
>> maintenance of the community docs.
> Great :-)
>> If we could get peoples blessing on this we would like to do the
>> following:
>> -Create a separate Community Doc email list [grok-doc]
>> The purpose would be to highlight documentation efforts and questions
>> related to documentation. This would be the place to go if one is
>> working on community documentation or has questions related to
>> community docs. This could also be the place where Grok users could
>> learn more about the capabilities of Grok by reading the discussions.
>> Basically we would like to support the emerging Grok culture of
>> learning-by-writing-docs. This would benefit everybody.
> Do you think there would be so much traffic, that another list would  
> be
> required? Please note, that this list would also need maintenance and
> people had to follow several lists then, especially when it comes to
> technical (programming) details.
> Therefore I am +0 for that.
> From other people I learned, that they would like to see a grok-users
> list, dedicated to mere beginner-like questions.

Actually, I think we should try to direct newbie questions to Stack  


It seems to be a really neat solution for this and it would improve  
Grok visibility. A mailing list usually hides answers in lengthy  
threads making it difficult and time consuming to untagle for a newbie.

>> -Organise a peer review workflow. Tagging content as:
>>  - Peer reviewed for version x.y (doc looks ok)
>>  - Out of date (with regards to current version)
>>  - Needs editing (for reason xyz)
>>  - Needs merging (with content xyz)
>>  Maybe create a simple webtool to keep track of peer reviews (if this
>> isn't easily implemented in Plone).
> If that would work: +1
>> -Organise on-line sprints every three months
>> The purpose is to focus the community during a week to peer review  
>> and
>> improve community docs. If the tasks are reasonably well organised,
>> this could be fun and very, very useful.
> We should try this at least IMHO and see, how well it works. It's
> certainly crucial that someone takes the initiative to organize the
> whole stuff.
>> If this sounds reasonable I'll be happy to take a lead on this  
>> effort.
> Great, Sebastian, thanks! I'd propose, however, to have at least  
> another
> person (maybe Tim or Steve?) to share the workload and have a  
> 'fallback'
> contact ;-)

Haha... I know what you mean, I am counting on their support :)

> Overall: thank you very much for the effort. Sounds good to me :-)
> Best regards,
> -- 
> Uli

Mvh Sebastian

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