[Grok-dev] z3c.testsetup tests in Grok itself (Uli?)

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Mon Apr 26 10:50:54 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Martijn Faassen wrote:

> [particularly talking to Uli, because it's about z3c.testsetup]
> The only tests in Grok I couldn't get working after taking out 
> zope.app.testing were the the tests to do with z3c.testsetup. Strangely 
> enough I don't know why they break - removing zope.app.testing shouldn't 
> have any impact as I don't think these tests have anything to do with 
> it. The tests break as they get different output than is expected.

Hm, what makes you think the missing z.a.testing won't make a
difference? I'm afraid this is exactly what causes the test failures.
While z3c.testsetup does not strictly require z.a.testing generally, it
requires it for functional tests (yet). The test-results look exactly
like that to me.

There is still no support for the new functional test layers you (and
Sylvain?) created recently for z.a.wsgi (great stuff, by the way. Many
thanks for that!).

> At first I thought perhaps it had to do with the tests not having been 
> updated for a while, so I reverted to an older version of z3c.testsetup. 
> This didn't work however. I wonder whether these tests work on the Grok 
> trunk?

Yes, they seem to work fine.

> There's also the general question about whether these tests should be 
> retained within the Grok core itself; the tests itself claim that these 
> are old and that there is better stuff in z3c.testsetup itself. That 
> said, I'd like to *first* identify what change is causing these tests to 
> break now, because that might be something we need to know about.

I am relatively sure, that missing z.a.testing caused the failures.
Overall I'm all for removing that pieces from grok. It's cleaner to use
z3c.testsetup directly and would be one place less to spot in
development. There is nothing you couldn't do with z3c.testsetup
directly with a couple of code-lines.

Furthermore, nowadays there are better suited testing environments
available (manuel and friends), so that next versions of z3c.testsetup
will come with a focus on manuel support (and probably support for the
new z.a.wsgi-based functional testing). 

Best regards,


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