[Grok-dev] Anyone tried PyPy with Grok?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Dec 13 05:09:19 EST 2010

Thanks for the info! Good to know that isn't something worth holding my breath for.

Mvh Sebastian

10 dec 2010 kl. 23.39 skrev Martijn Faassen:

> On 12/03/2010 07:10 PM, Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> Just curious if someone has had success using PyPy to run Grok and if it works and improves performance notably.
>>  http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/
> There are a few large hurdles to overcome first:
> * we have various C modules such as zope.interface that won't work with 
> PyPy. Now there are plain python version of many of these, but that'd 
> need to be enabled and tested. And what about the ZODB? unfortunately we 
> have much code that goes very deep into Python internals. I do know that 
> people have hacked the ZTK to work on the google app engine which 
> doesn't allow custom C modules, but they used the app engine storage.
> * buildout doesn't work with PyPy 1.4 yet. I'm testing it with PyPy 
> trunk in the context of another project, and hopefully we'll make 
> progress there.
> I am experimenting with PyPy in general a little bit, but it'll be a 
> long way off before Grok works with PyPy. Perhaps someone is 
> experimenting with making the ZTK run on PyPy - you could ask in zope-dev.
> Regards,
> Martijn
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