[Grok-dev] hurry.resource addition

Matthias nitro at dr-code.org
Wed Sep 8 09:51:44 EDT 2010

I'd like hurry.resource to include an "id" attribute in the rendered code,  
especially for css. This is useful if you want to change stylesheets  

1) I can see two ways to realize this:
     a) Add id = None to ResourceInclusion.__init__ . Store it as an  
attribute which can be accessed.
     b) Make it a little more generic and add extra_attributes = {} to  
ResourceInclusion.__init__. To add a custom id you'd call
           ResourceInclusion( ... , extra_attributes = { 'id' : 'myId' } )

     Both ways require the render_css and render_js methods to be changed,  
so they output the id/extra_attributes.

2) Is this wanted at all?

3) If this is wanted, shall I create a patch and send it to this list for  

4) My version of hurry.resource is 0.4.1 (seems to come from grok or  
dolmen?). Assuming a patch against the latest hurry.resource makes it  
through, can I use the new version of hurry.resource in parallel to the  
version installed by grok/dolmen? Or do I have to wait until there's a new  
grok/dolmen release which incorporates the latest hurry.resource with  

I'm new to grok, so all this package management is still a bit obscure to  
me :)


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