[Zope-Annce] ANN: Guest Counter 1.1

Alexander Staubo alex@mop.no
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 06:39:56 +0200

Guest Counter is a very simple product whose class instances can count
the number of "guests" to a web site.

It counts users using any kind of ID you want, although it makes most
sense to use a user's IP address. Since HTTP is a stateless protocol,
visitors cannot be precisely tracked, and so the counter continually
times out registered IDs in order to approximate the current bulk of
visitors. A simple mechanism for piecing together "graphical" counters
using GIFs or whatever you want is also provided.

Installation instructions: Unzip/tar in Zope root folder, then restart
Zope. The new meta type "Guest Counter" should be now available for
adding to folders.

(I made a small blooper that meant that each count incurred a 
transaction in the Zope OFS. This has been fixed.)


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