[Zope-Annce] Introducing new consept: Zope Beer Nights! (Oslo: you're up)

Erik Lange erik@mmmanager.org
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 10:17:52 +0200

Hi Erik !

This is about the best plan I've ever heard of since Zope itself -
unfortunately we're located in Copenhagen... :-(

We would like to take up your concept and arrange ZBN's here in Denmark -
any other Danes up to it out there ?

Best regards,
Erik Lange

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> Yeah!  This can't fail!
> Ok, this is the plan.  We're a bunch of people, we all have something
> in relation to eachother: Zope!  This bunch, get's together and drink
> beer.  You just can't beat this plan.
> Norwegians; rally up!  I'm organizing the first ZBN (Zope Beer Night)
> in Oslo next week (or even this weekend if people are up for it).  If
> you want to join, mail me and I'll let you know where and when (it's
> not decided yet, so it could be anything from a pub-hangout to a wild
> BBQ burning old spam, spam and spam).
> Let your Zopista-friends know and bring them too.  (Oh, brining
> innocent non-Zopista victims could be great fun; we could see how long
> it would take to convince them to New Religion, for example ;)
> Hope to see you there (wherever that turns out to be)!
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