[Zope-DB] uid-get results from zsql within py script

Dieter Fischer dieter.fischer at grid-it.ch
Tue Nov 4 08:15:49 EST 2003

Hello Rob

> I am trying to insert a new entry into a DB.

What kind of DB are you using?

> PS If anyone knows a tidier way to make the UID
> 'YY_Applicant#' please guide
> me.

This type of problem should be triggered in the DB. Also using this sort
of UID is not a very good idea - when some users hit enter at the same
time, you'll probably get a DB-error. Better use sequences (I know only
Oracle and PG, but afaik MySQL has something similar).
If you have to have an order in the UID (e.g. for GL), you will need an
a procedure, which catches a posible duplicate key and creates a unique



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