[Zope-DB] prblem with insert attachment into database

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Feb 16 05:00:11 EST 2005

ah_new wrote:

> I now facing problem with insert of attachment file
> into MySQL database from a Zope page. 

Well, your first mistake was trying ot store blobs in a rdb. It's not 
what they're desigend for ;-)

> insert into email 
> values('',
>        <dtml-sqlvar name="email" type="string">,
>        <dtml-sqlvar name="subject" type="string">,
>        CURRENT_DATE,
>        <dtml-sqlvar name="text" type="string">,
>        <field name="attach" type="stream">
>           <sql name="attach" type="blob"
> dirty="ignore" />
>        </field>)

Well, I don't see anthing that does anything with a file attachment in 
there. What happens and what are you expecting to happen?



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