[Zope-DB] Help request from a non-developer

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Apr 14 14:08:37 EDT 2006

Christophe Appell wrote at 2006-4-14 17:43 +0200:
>On 4/13/06, jpenny at ykksnap-america.com <jpenny at ykksnap-america.com> wrote:
>> Well, this is one reason that I strongly prefer keeping my code
>> on the file system.  The availability of change-control software
>> is the other.  I happen to like git.
>Well, we are probably going to do this for files (some forms have
>associated document files), but I don't see how this would be overly
>possible for form data, am I off base ? Oh, I would love to implement
>change control software but I figure let's ask for emergency changes
>first and then we can look at luxury options.

We have a situation similar to yours and handle it in the following

  We classify things into

    *  logic/presentation -- maintained on the file sytem

         They are synchronized via CVS/SVN

    *  configuration -- maintained in the ZODB, in separated objects,
         and transfered with "ZSyncer" from development to
	 production sites.

    *  content -- maintained either in the ZODB or external databases
         (depending on whether they are poorly or highly structured)

	 They are never transfered from development to production site
	 but occasionally in the other direction.

There are a few object types that unfortunately mix configuration
and content. Catalogs are a prominent example.
We handle them by manually performing the reconfiguration in the production
site that we previously tested in the development site.


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