[Zope] Zope3 on Ubuntu 64

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Sun Oct 18 00:33:14 EDT 2009

Am 18.10.09 01:28, schrieb Brian Myers:
> I've installed Zope3 on a 64 bit Ubuntu platform and all seems well.
> I've run mkzopeinstance and the instance directory is there and looks  
> ok.
> However, when I try to start the instance, it says [fail] for the  
> zserver instance and there are no entries in the z3.log file. The  
> default instance chosen was 9673, not 8080. I wonder if that's saying  
> it's not finding an available port. But I've port scanned the machine  
> and both 9673 and 8080 are open.
> Any ideas what to try next? How do I enable more logging output?
> Thanx in advance,
You should definitely see the port number on the *console* when starting
Zope 2 or Zope 3 in the foreground.

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